high performance servers

For small and medium sized businesses, managing some significant IT operations is difficult. A business with 24/7 operations depend mostly on its servers. But a dedicated server is too costly and the staffing expenses are discouraging. If you choose for a less expensive system then there is lack of security and reliability. To overcome these problems the best solution is colocation so that you can focus on your core business. Businesses with critical IT operations can improve their IT performance and value by saving the time and resources with the help of this solution.

Colocation provides high levels of security and reliability to your system. The natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and earthquakes may impact server performance. But the risk is significantly reduced, since the main global datacenter is in Detroit Michigan – an area that is graphically stable and not prone to natural disasters. To ensure security you are having security features like 24 x7 secure facility access and locked server cabinets. To ensure reliability some systems are used, they are multiple backbone providers via proactive BGP4, a CicsoTM -powered redundant core network, facility UPS with DC power plant, backup generator with priority fuel contract and redundant HVAC high performance servers .

It provides the foundation for many successful IT services. Available solutions are managed by server backup, slipstream TM content delivery network (CDN), SAN-backed storage allocation, Vaultwise Disaster Recovery Services and remote hands and feet. It offers some commercial facilities with reliable infrastructure features. They provide world-class facilities for your equipment with maximum control and peak performance.

This server delivers best technical and logistical services in the industry and hence considered as the leading solution solver. It provides flexible equipment hosting services that are designed to meet all specifications. This is done over 50 countries on 6 continents. It is associated with commercial hosting. The reliability and features offered by this server ensure many businesses best possible performance in the event of emergency. It helps to manage risks to compete in today’s global economy.

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